Adding Shower Room To Avoid Care Home Nasties

The grimness of having to use the facilities in my mother’s care home bedroom is all to familiary to my sisters and me.  We have been visiting this establishment for over 8 years now and the horror comes back every time one of us needs to take a call of nature.  Everything else about the bedroom is perfectly adequate.  the very hi-tec bed has of of those marvellous bed raiser/lower/tipping hand devices.  No, don’t tempt me . . . another very disappointing reception from our ma when I entered the room did make me reach for the controls.  But no, I jest.

These facilities could so easily have been built into my own home, just a few thousand to engage the services of a professional bathroom company to modify the second bedroom, adding  appropriate shower room with grab handles and all the kit, would have kept her nearer the family.  But I have a degree in hindsight!