Bathroom & Ensuite Envy Is Worth Enduring

I’ve been the very proud owner of smart bathrooms and ensuites for some years now.  I had a broken shower that somehow led to me having all of my facilities ripped out and replaced with amazingly modern cabinets; inset basins with press down plunger plugs and lever taps; press button flush loos; whirlpool bath . . . . and fabulous push button power showers in generous easy clean cubicles.    I had first thought about going ‘wet room’ but I had expressly wanted the hotel style cabinetry to hide away all the gubbins you inevitably collect over time.    The only drawback now is that my main ensuite basin plunger plug has packed up and although it was replaced with similar a few years ago, this one has also broken.  I shall have to find an old fashioned rubber plug on a chain!  But other than that, it’s been a most wonderful decision to upgrade and still fills me with joy every time I use one of the rooms – and even more so when I show guests or envious friends!