Bathroom To Wet Room Aids Limited Mobility

I recently had the opportunity to visit some relatives who moved house late last year.  The first chance for me to see their new abode.  Well, new to them, it’s a twenty year old detached family house built by one of the big developers.  They had a heck of a job finding the sort of house they needed – the husband has very specific mobility issues and needed various things to either alrady be in place, or it be easily possible to add them.  One of the prerequisites was taking out the badly fitting shower cubicle and making the ensuite a proper walk in wet room with hand rails and secure seating for him.  Easy to operate shower with on-off button operation for the shower.  Lever taps on the basin makes it so much better too.  These things could be installed in every house if the developers thought ahead more instead of concentrating on quick, cheap, profit only.

Future Proofing Ensuite Against Arthritic Hands

Whilst lying up poorly this last few days, I have not had much energy, let alone the opportunity to drive down to the store to pick up any magazines or papers.  I wake to the gentle sound of classical music  then generally dart out of bed to the ensuite shouwer room as soon as the news bulletin sounds.   Then I do my exercises, variying them and then race downstairs for the healthiest of breakfasts and my day unfolds.  There is very little variance in this routine and it makes me feel calm and unflustered.

What would make me flustered and exteremely uncalm would be a shower or tap that doesn’t work properly. So a little while back I invested in very up to date technology in the shower department. I chose push button literally on/off operation showers with easiest temperature controls for ease of use with my increasingly arhtritic hands.

Back To Basics Brings Home The Lux In Our Lives

Oooh I am so glad I have modern well fitting out bathrooms in my very comfortable modern house.  I stayed over in a country cottage with family recently.  It was fabulous fun being together down in the west country.  We got the holiday cheap because it is very off season in fact it was almost a give away but we booked it anyway.  I mean, what can go wrong on a winter break in a cottage . . . . .  Well what can go wrong is to find the hostess has not had her loo or bathroom updated for several years – there was no running hot water upstairs – just a teensy weensy water heater on the wall above the cereal bowl sized hand basin and the bath had a monsterous ascot style instant water – you couldn’t run cold at the same time.   No Shower installed.  Gosh did we lux it up when we got home !

Adding Shower Room To Avoid Care Home Nasties

The grimness of having to use the facilities in my mother’s care home bedroom is all to familiary to my sisters and me.  We have been visiting this establishment for over 8 years now and the horror comes back every time one of us needs to take a call of nature.  Everything else about the bedroom is perfectly adequate.  the very hi-tec bed has of of those marvellous bed raiser/lower/tipping hand devices.  No, don’t tempt me . . . another very disappointing reception from our ma when I entered the room did make me reach for the controls.  But no, I jest.

These facilities could so easily have been built into my own home, just a few thousand to engage the services of a professional bathroom company to modify the second bedroom, adding  appropriate shower room with grab handles and all the kit, would have kept her nearer the family.  But I have a degree in hindsight!

Still Loving Bathroom Makeover Twelve Years On

I had my ensuite and bathroom updated 12 years ago.  The facilities built in to the house looked exactly that, bulk standard and common, so I had my friend’s son in law come and quote.  He had just started his bathroom and kitchen refit business out on his own having worked as a contractor for another big supply company.  It was a marriage made in heaven – his work and my money!

I have never actually got over the joy of going into my washrooms – every single time I get the same thrill of seeing a beautifully installed shower and bath and the fitted cabinets are beautifuly  practical and streamlined.  Everything was chosen with ease of use – the plumber knowing my rapidly deteriorating arthritis, fitted easy on/off taps and stylish grab handles on the bath to look like a design feature.  The stone tiling all round still looks ultra modern and the professional finish remains – worth every penny!

Winter Brings Need For Modern Fitted Bathrooms

Funny isn’t it, when the rain comes down continually, day after drizzled day, the need for gorgeous and comfortable bathroom fittings seems more necessary.  Must be a rather peculiar train of thought on my part.  There is though nothing more ghastly than having to go to outside facilities in any weather these days.  No excuse at all.  The old outside lav is almost a thing of the past.  There are a few stalwart meanies out there.  The eccentric old biddy who refuses to spend any money on such frivolous luxury . . . . .   I do know one such old bird in a village near here.  She resolutely refused to be modernised and have the outside loo brought inside a small internal extension to the main building.   Once she departed though, the next owner ha the most wonderful bathroom facilities installed – they chose the claw foot roll top bath.  The swanky all singing, all dancing power shower cubicle with steam.  The lot!

How a Jack & Jill Bathroom Can Be A Boon

The good old US always advertised that everything they did was bigger than us, bigger cars, bigger people, bigger land and space per head and of course, bigger houses.  Their house design is different again, with most being made of wood and a few bricks, not the tremendously safe houses we enjoy.  The bathroom arrangements do seem to be a good idea though.  I’ve been to several US houses and they have their bedrooms place around an upper sitting quadrant, and there is one bathroom sitting between two bedrooms.  It’s very sensible and I have yet to find a house with a completely separate bathroom.

I mention these points because when families ove into bigger more comfortable houses, they always desire the ensuite bedroom.  A jack and jill arrangement ensures two rooms are each ‘ensuite’, sharing one between them.  The very best facilites can be installed – together with lockable side doors for totally happy family baths!



Getting Updated With Bathroom Facilities

I had the opportunity to look round a neighbouring houses the other week – and help the owner make a very critical last minute change to his techno lifestyle.   I graciously accepted the invite because I had been spotted taking rather too much interest in the goings on there over the preceding weeks.  There is something fascinating about watching a bunch of workmen traipsing in and out of a property isn’t there!

Having been caught in conversation with the very proud owner of the house, discussing the merits of cabinets in bathrooms and ensuites.  I was able to tell him how much I enjoyed my own facilities that I’d had updated 10 years ago and invited him to view my own rooms.  The chap gasped and admitted he’d not thought about such a useful addition.  I noted with glee that these were frantically added to his ‘to do’ list by the end of my whirl wind tour.

Bathroom Raptures Started With A Traffic Queue

Top choices for bathrooms and esuites is entirely a matter for personal choice at the end of the day.  However, there are some very interesting things that can come out of a ’round the table’ discussion amongst friends and colleagues on this very subject.  Some years ago, I happened to be stuck in a queue of traffic to get to my office – caused by an accident further down.  This wouldn’t normally cause any second thought, but on this occasion, I was parked outside the newly refurbished bathroom showroom.  My eyes lit upon the most glorious bath – it seemed enormous, but it ws the whitest, shiniest article of domestic gorgeousness that I had ever seen.  I then decided to take a closer look during  a free lunchtime.

This was the start of a bathroom installation adventure which I have never regretted and has added immensely to my house value and my rating in the neighbourhood!

Relaxing Those Limbs In A Whirlpool Bath

You know how it is, in the summer months all lovely and warm, hardly a damp day to get in the way of activities.  Lots of working out in the garden, tidying up the borders or getting into the veg growing.  There are also those holiday hikes to be enjoyed with or without the children.  Whatever the activity, the warm, dry weather just makes it so much more enjoyable.

Once the work is done though, whatever the weather, a certain amount of wear and tear catches up with all of us.  Those unexplained aches catch us by surprise and take a little longer to leave.  Now is the time to invest in a bathroom refit to include the luxury of a whirlpool bath.  Talk to  your bathroom designer for ideas.  Nothing makes you feel more warmly relaxed, but at the same time, rejuvinated as the fiz and bubble of a whirlpool!