Small Depth Cabinets & Worktops Make Smarter Bathrooms

There are one or two things about bathroom decor that calls for special attention.  Take steamy walls and cabinet fronts – these two subjects always generate a lot of traction in the homestyle press.  If you have plain painted walls in a room where the family are moving in and out in a hurry, then they will get marked very easily.  The best paint finish would be Kitchen & Bathroom paint which can be sponged down.   I pesonally like to have cabinets in the washrooms to hide the glorious mess that very soon accumulates as soon as a family stsrt to use these rooms on a regular basis.   I have narrow depth work tops and the cabinets re not so deep, in fact about the depth of half a kitchen cabinet.  The workop just sets them off, especiall when I put the over irror lighting on.   To finish off he look, I had absolutely sparkling whiter than white porcelain sanitary ware – it’s so clean and shiny it alost looks like blue porcelain, with very shiny chrome hardware – all very plush indeed.