Maintaining Spa Delight At Home

I have a very lovely sparkling white bath with a whirlpool featuring 5 spouts around the sides.  There is a pump underneath the bath wired through to the airing cupboard, very conveniently placed next door.   This is a favourite from  the massive upgrade I had done to my bathroom and ensuites a few years ago.  The therapeautic effects of a fast hot spa on the limbs is wonderful.   Even better with the pouches of bergamont and other herbal scents to make it feel even more like a professional health farm!    However one issue with a whirlpool bath that gets overlooked – they need regular hygienic cleaning.  Depending on how ofen the whirlpool feature is used, it needs a sturdy chemical cleaner, the same as in a spa,   Rather than waste even more water, once I’ve got out, I top the bath up again to a few centimetres above the spout level,  add my proprietary spa cleaner and then leave the spa running for 25 minutes.  It complete solves the problem of horrible black bits of mould gushing out of the water spouts which will occur if it’s not used at least weekly.