A Fishy Tale Calls For Nightare Bathroom Upgrade

I have recently been involved with helping my somewhat aged aunt, who is also my godmother – and  not the fairy kind.  The dear lady has always been an absolute stickler for cleanliness. When I took her to lunch to celebrate her 90th birthday, she unwisely chose the fish main course – what seemed like hours and hours of the most appalling and distressingly runny tummy involved me having to experience the horror of her bathroom.  A really small, grim and badly laid out loo, basin and corner shower, all crowded with mobility aids, stools etc. etc.  I was horrified, particularly as the only loo is that one upstairs.  I eventually got home and have since seriously revelled in my two fabulously modern, clean, stylish bathrooms.  I have loved and cherished them all the more, even though I had them installed some 12 years ago after looking in a bathroom studio window when stuck in a traffic jam!