Back To Basics Brings Home The Lux In Our Lives

Oooh I am so glad I have modern well fitting out bathrooms in my very comfortable modern house.  I stayed over in a country cottage with family recently.  It was fabulous fun being together down in the west country.  We got the holiday cheap because it is very off season in fact it was almost a give away but we booked it anyway.  I mean, what can go wrong on a winter break in a cottage . . . . .  Well what can go wrong is to find the hostess has not had her loo or bathroom updated for several years – there was no running hot water upstairs – just a teensy weensy water heater on the wall above the cereal bowl sized hand basin and the bath had a monsterous ascot style instant water – you couldn’t run cold at the same time.   No Shower installed.  Gosh did we lux it up when we got home !