Bathroom Design An Exciting Development To Some

When we were small there was no such thing as bathroom design or specialist washroom features.  It was exciting to visit a house that had hot running water just on tap, without having to light up the rather terrifying Ascot water heater that sat over the sink and the even more frightening big one in Nan’s bathroom.  They both used to hiss and gush out hot water that was boiling, and you had to ensure there was plenty of cold water in the basin or bath first.   We didn’t have central heating either until I was in my mid teens – so our bathrooms were always very cold.  I don’t recall luxuriating for any moments with divine bath toiletries in those days.  In fact, in one house we had the bath in the kitchen and it had a Heath Robinson worktop and cabinet contraption on the top so you could use the worktop bit when not bathing . . . . . .  Oh how fab the bathroom features and decor are today.