Bathroom Fitting Expertise – Beautifully Safe

i am always intrigued when watching property transformation programmes – the difference between the finishes when a set of chaps do the bathrooms and ensuites, and when a woman is involved.  Whether chap just never sees the big picture or it just comes down to price, is not clear.  When a lady has a hand in the redesign, there will generally be cabinets to store the many bottles and cartons and good, easy to operate and clean showers.   I had my bathrooms and ensuite completely stripped out and remodelled by a professional bathroom fitter.  He was brilliant – suggested various options to aid my mobility issues; he gave me options to visit showrooms to choose fittings and made a fantastic job.  Very modern and still truly functional even after 13 years!  I still feel a thrill when I attend to my ablutions – better than any hotel.  It was worth every penny of that investment to get it done well, safely and on time.