Bathroom Make Overs Need Imaginative Tiling

Whenever I watch one of the many daytime lifestyle programmes, it’s invariably about houses.  This could be the one where they show couples who live in sprawling suburbia but with neat functional bathrooms and shower rooms, but  dream of moving to the country or they can’t decide whether to buy a holiday home in the UK or an apartment/villa in some sunnier spot abroad.   The one that gets my gander up most though is where a punter buys a run down dump at the house auction and with all the skill of a navvy, manages to do it up sufficiently to sell on at quite a big margin, if they’ve got it right.  I feel my hackles rising when the chaps put in those shallow shiny ceramic tiles on the walls that resemble public toilets.  There are thousands of tiles out there to liven up a bathroom – just needs the expert eye of a bathroom professional!