Bathroom Tap Refurb Given Priority

It always seems strange when I enter a bathroom and find we’re back in the dark ages with separate taps and no mixer.  It’s impossible to get one stream of perfectly temperatured water for starters.  If  you try to run  your fingers under the hot tap for a quick rinse, they get scalded and it’s hopeless trying to rinse your hair under a two tap system is the shower isn’t working!  Getting the bathrooms and ensuites updated with modern sanitary ware must be one of the priorities when anyone moves into a property.  Obviously when you’ve fought to get that mortgage and eventually once everything has been searched and signed, the joy of moving can take up so much energy that you don’t really appreciate how ghastly are those bathroom taps!  Checking out bathroom supply sites will give a good indication of how much a small make over will be and if planned for, can be achieved in a very short time.  Making the entrance into the new house that little bit less of a hassle.