Bathroom To Wet Room Aids Limited Mobility

I recently had the opportunity to visit some relatives who moved house late last year.  The first chance for me to see their new abode.  Well, new to them, it’s a twenty year old detached family house built by one of the big developers.  They had a heck of a job finding the sort of house they needed – the husband has very specific mobility issues and needed various things to either alrady be in place, or it be easily possible to add them.  One of the prerequisites was taking out the badly fitting shower cubicle and making the ensuite a proper walk in wet room with hand rails and secure seating for him.  Easy to operate shower with on-off button operation for the shower.  Lever taps on the basin makes it so much better too.  These things could be installed in every house if the developers thought ahead more instead of concentrating on quick, cheap, profit only.