Broken Shower Head Starts Joyous Refub

I am not the tidiest person to own a house.  I  admit that I struggle in the putting stuff away department and as a consequence, my original bathroom and ensuite rapidly took on a more care worn appearance than was good for my image  . . . . .   How to cure this problem is difficult – apart from sharing with a partner who is the opposite and helps to keep the discipline going.  Anyway, when the original shower head and hose broke in my ensuite, I wasn’t sure how best to fix, so I called the son of a good colleague.  He being a plumber. . .  within a one hour visit, I’d signed up to have the bathroom and ensuite completely modernised with easy to use taps, modern electronic push button showers and easy access cubicles.  I also selected a whirlpool bath with optional shower tap for hair washing.  These were all fab ideas but even more spectacular –  cabinets  above and below; smart counter tops and the button operated toilets with both cisterns hidden behind them all – absolute joy!