Choosing That New Bathroom Is No Child’s Play

Bathroom design is not a subject one delves into very often – usually it crops up as a result of the existing facilities suddenly not being the be all and end all of our world.  Usually we buy a house – like me, a new one.  Everything is already installed and for the most part, work very well and as it should.  The ony time  you’d destroy that happy situation is to rectify any elements that have stopped  giving pleasure.   Choosing a new bathroom is nearly as complicated as doing up the kitchen.  Slightly less so in fact because the choice of units is more limited in number and design.  The shower cubicle is always a thorny subject.  I think the tallest & biggst person in the home should be the model for all shower equipment.  If it goes round, over, under them. . .  everyone else should ignore the rest.    Taps are the most difficult.  Do we look for chrome, steel, pewter, and is that going to be half cup, full handle, knob?  Wooh, the choices are endless!