Clean Lines In Bathroom With No Frills Allowed

I like very plain bathrooms and ensuites.  Not for me the frilly roman blinds or gingham curtains.  Certainly no place in my abode for dolls with massive knitted ‘crinolines’ to cover the spare toilet rolls.  No, le’s be honest and have a basket stacked with lovely clean sparkling white loo rolls.  I do have a set of tiny display shelves next to the mirror in the main bathroom.  A clever way to utilise the space between mirror and wall mounted cabinet.  I had the bathrooms totally gutted and updated a few years ago and I still love the modern clean feel – they haven’t dated at all – modern chrome fittings, pure white porcelain sanitary ware and very well constructed shower cubicles help to give the feeling of pure luxe quality in design and installation.  It was not a cheap transformation but it’s proven to be the fantastic value for money over the years.