Fragrances Just About Disperse Bathroom Gloom

It’s really not easy to get excited about bathrooms at this time of year.   It’s the festive season which takes a lot of energy and concentration to get all those activities running smoothly – food and drinkies coming very close after the supply of presents. . . .   Then there’s the weather – it’s usually cold in the winter and these days we keep a weather eye out for snow.  They tend to threaten activity but on a long string so you’re never safe until the start of summer!  So spending a lot of time up on the bathroom or ensuite does not take priority.  However, one direct result of it being Christmas time is the arrival of at least two really superb gift sets – very prettily packaged and fabulously smelling bath and shower products are now displayed around the bath and shower cubicle.  The widow sill is laden with similarly smelling delights – candles and pot pouri  spill out from baskets and ornamental carryng devices.  I find that soaking in a hot bubbly bath does take my mind off the fact that the nice shiny towel rail is not quite as efficient at filling the cokckles of my heart as the bath bombs are!