From Broken Shower To Streamlined User Friendly Heaven

It can be all too easy to get a bit carried away when we start the annual spring clean that so often drifts into a decorating frenzy.  Usually something will have been broken during the preceding 12 months and when a full inspection of the area needing decorating takes place, these irritating little problems manifest themselves.   My own magnificent bathroom and ensuite rebuild was triggered by one shower head splitting and me not getting the correct sized replacement – simple as.  In frustration I rang the son in law of a pal, a known plumber.  It went from there.  Instead of just fixing the shower, he pursuaded me to look at modernising the whole bangshoot.  My arthritis had been the cause of the broken shower, so he showed me new push button shower operations, easy to clean cubicles, whirlpool baths and wonderful lever operated taps.  My joy is unending even years after his spectacular designs came to life!