From Crisis To Capturing Bathroom Splendour

One of the soul destroying things about living in houses built on mass production basis – everything bought in bulk, so my house was originally exactly the same as two thirds of the rest of this estate.  Immediately after a major upheaval some four years after moving in, two events converged .   Firstly,  stuck in traffic on my drive to work, I spotted massive Sale signs in a very smart bathroom/kitchen showroom.  Intrigued, I strode along that lunchtime to investigate – instantly falling in love with fabulous gleaming white and shiny chrome . . .  Spacious modernity captured me forever!    Then the same week,  my ensuite shower packed up and I knew not how to fix.  I called a family acquaintance plumber/bathroom installer for advice.   He came, inspected and having temporarily fixed the shower, asked if I’d thought about updating . . .   I told him about my sorti to the bathroom shop and it went from there – I’ve been the constantly thrilled user of my own two cathedrals of sanitary splendour.   The best investment I’ve made so far!