Future Proofing Ensuite Against Arthritic Hands

Whilst lying up poorly this last few days, I have not had much energy, let alone the opportunity to drive down to the store to pick up any magazines or papers.  I wake to the gentle sound of classical music  then generally dart out of bed to the ensuite shouwer room as soon as the news bulletin sounds.   Then I do my exercises, variying them and then race downstairs for the healthiest of breakfasts and my day unfolds.  There is very little variance in this routine and it makes me feel calm and unflustered.

What would make me flustered and exteremely uncalm would be a shower or tap that doesn’t work properly. So a little while back I invested in very up to date technology in the shower department. I chose push button literally on/off operation showers with easiest temperature controls for ease of use with my increasingly arhtritic hands.