Hotel Stays Educate One’s Bathroom Choice

We all love to visit hotels at some time during the year.  The chance to sleep in a truly comfortable bed, knowing we won’t be needing to do the housework next day is a supreme luxury, albeit short lived.   That frst exploration of the swanky bathroom is exsquisite.  doe they offer the top quality shampoo and body lotion – how easy is the shower to operate.  That has always been a bugbear of mine.  How to ge the damned shower to coe on at the right temperature the second time I use it!     I was on a nationwide project for 5 years, staying in all sorts of hotels.  I loved it!  I had no one at home to miss me and I revelled in each new location.  To the point where I knew exactly what I wanted in my bathrooms when I had them upgraded.  Fitted cabinets with narrow worktops add such a look of quality.  My friends and neighbours still gasp with delight when they’re allowed near!