Keeping Washrooms Clear Of Limescale Deposits

One of the more annoying aspects of living in an area that has much clay and also very hard water is the messy build up that gets deposited all over the bathrooms and kitchen areas.  Most folk try to keep up with the cleaning routine on a regular basis and after a few years of fruitless scrubbing and scraping they then give up in despair and just try buying new of everything.  That idea does appeal but is sometimes not possible from an economics point of view.  However there is light at the end of the mucky tunnel.  There is one particular limescale remover spray on the market that is absolutely fantastic at removing these deposits.   I’ve seen it in action on basins that look dull from using other products and the taps in this house shine as if brand new.   It even works on glass flower vases, dulled by hard water.   It is a wonder product and worth every penny!