Limescale Deposits Ruins A Gorgeous New Ensuite

I had my ensuite and bathrooms updated a few years ago.   It was one of the more exciting episodes I have experienced since owning this house.    I had come in to a little extra funding and needed to have some minor repairs carried out to the shower head in my ensuite.   Not having any idea where to start, I called upon my pal’s son in law, who had his own bathroom fitting company.  He could have just replaced the shower head and made a couple of other cosmetic changes but knowing I have great problems with arthritis in the hands and wrists, suggested I change the entire design and have a larger, easier to manoeuverable shower cubicle together with fully electronic push button shower.  These changes have made my life so much easier!  I also opted to have the old basin & loo ripped out and replaced with sparkling white porcelain & chrome.  Even ater several years, the ensuite and bathrooms look brand new – each item is stunning because I am still thrilled enough to wash them down every day and wipe away any sign of calcified water.