Marvels Of Chrome & Pure White Porcelain

Ahh, the exciting subject of bathrooms and washrooms.  I have had a fabulous pair of ensuite and bathroom for some years now.    It all started when my shower packed up in the ensuite – it was flopping  and leaking water all over the place and the shower cubicle wasn’t up to much after only 4 years of service.  So I asked the son in law of a jolly good pal if he would assist me.  A few weeks down the line and several thousand £ later, I was the very thrilled owner of these marvels of sparkling white porcelain and chrome with the addition of fantastic push button electronic pressure showers.  I have a pump for each up in the loft and they are still as fabulous to use as they were all those years ago.    I keep all the chrome as clean as possible with a specialist limescale remover – in fact the hard warter deposits are minimal in the areas I can reach!