Neighbourly Blushes At Squiffy Washroom

If ever there was a reason to keep one’s bathrooms and ensuite in tip top condition, the sudden arrival of the neighbour to look at your layout is it.   We had this somewhat humilitating experience recently.  Knowing our neighbour was seeing her architect about an extension project, we’d mentioned how  our washrooms had been updated a few years ago and extended an invite to ‘pop round any time’ to look. . . .  Well they did just that and of course, the house, particularly those very washrooms, was in dismally grubby and untidy!  Anyway, tactfully not noticing this, our neighbour was in raptures at our still truly fab designs.  The ultra slim but essential counter tops with inset basins and beautiful wooden cabinetry were very much in their plans – the walls and floors are fully stone tiled and my double shower unit is ultra spacious but not cumbersome.   The shower themselves are operated by illuminated on/off push button and have separate pumps in the loft.  It’s some years since our upgrade but it’s still a joy every single day we live here!