Joys Of Improved Shower Cubicle Design

I can’t say I’ve ever really been bothered by not having a twin basin counter top in my bathrooms or ensuite.  Over here it’s not really a major consideration unless you have the size of bathroom befitting a top quality hotel or spa.   Unlike in Canada and the US, where it matters greatly that you have two in the main bathroom and preferrably in each jack and jill bathroom.   I do prefer the style of american shower cubicles though.  That’s one area that seems better organised.  They have fixed upper and low rails into which are placed sliding doors instead of a shower screen that moves forward or back on a pivot.  Easier to close and clean too, that I can confirm – Actually the shared, interjoining bathrooms between pairs of lower ranking bedrooms are a good way of several folk having access to washroom facilities without having built, maintainand clean separate units.