Sick Bathroom Sorted With Hi Tech Simplicity

I had been helping a very elderly lady with her poorly son – he had multiple illnesses over the years and was awaiting another major operation.   I had spent many days nursing him and keeping him as clean and dry as possible.  This involved visiting their shared bathroom.  Huh – such horrors should not be seen by any one not of a strong constitution.  It was so ghastly – lots of pots and potions, half used containers spilling over.  Grime everywhere and hard water deposits gumming up the shower and generally unhygienic and unappealing.   Once the patient was in hospital I managed to pursuade his mum to allow an age charity to send in a hit squad to rip out their old bathroom and replace with huge walk in shower with push button controls, easy to clean plain tiles, raised toilet and a heated towel rail.  Oh the difference these have made !