Special Bathroom Paint Creates Better Finish

There are some differences to be made in the way we decorate bathrooms – and kitchens, to the rest of the house.   Regular use of showers and baths creates steam in the room – this seeps into paintwork, emulsion and other waterbased finishes and gradually the surface deteriorates, becoming easily soiled and prone to absorbtion of marks and splashes.  Over time these won’t wash off and the area soon becomes flakey.   To preserve the plaster underneath, moisture has to be kept from being absorbed.  Using specially developed bathroom products help to create a firm and very moisture resistant top coat that will look clean and hygienic for much longer.  After all there’s nothing worse than looking round a washroom or someone’s ensuite and seeing mouldy mucky patches.   Of course, care must be taken to apply it properly to achieve the best professional looking finish and getting it off to redecorate can be challenging, but as that doesn’t happen so often, it’s a price worth paying for the improved finish.