Statutory Reduction In Showerhead Pressure

The fashions in bathroom and washroom facilities don’t have a lot of opportunity to change in the grand scheme of things.  It takes a while for new ideas to filter through and in all honesty, today’s schemes are very much geared to saving water and not wasting as much as we do.  I have very modern push button showers that warm upreally quickly so I don’t waste so much water getting to the point where I can jump in the cubicle.  I don’t have to take a chance – as soon as I press On, the button edge is illuminated in flashing blue, becoming static once at my required temperature.  I’ve had these nearly 15 years and they’re so easy to use that when I go away in hotels or on a cruise, I have to ask the steward how to use any other design.  I did have to have a new pump fitted last year and the technician informed me that the new generation design of my shower now has statutory eco operation to use far less water pressure and thus less water.