Streamlined & Functional Over Fluffy & romantic

We probably all have very differing ideas of how a bathroom should look.  I certainly do enjoy having a state of the art shower in each bathroom.  I don’t bother with baths much these days – the guilt feeling conjured up by using thousands of litres of hot water is so excessive that any enjoyment is completely dissolved.  I know that my stark fuss free showers probably wouldn’t appeal to the person for whom that daily shower or bath invlolves a pamper and total immersion in being good to oneself.  Having a quick minute shower is my limit – saving water usage is a priority in my house.  One small step to reducing waste.  I don’t like fussy blinds or curtains in bathrooms or kitchens.  Having to keep them very clean and grub free is impossible in a busy room with lots of folk leaving their grubby fingerprints and products all over the shop.   I’m not fanatical about sluicing down everything after use so having my streamlined facilities makes very goo sense!