Top Flight Bathroom Showrooms Truly Inspire

I love looking around bathroom showrooms – especially those high end ones in the smarter towns .  They exude absolute luxury and offer ideas that even the plebs amongst us can utilise.   In fact that’s what happened a few years ago, when I visited such a showroom that I had gone past many times on my way to the multi storey car park  that rose above it.  I ventured in there one lunch time  just because I’d not had the guts to go in such an emporium before.    In fact I only went on that occasion because I was looking for ideas to replace the defunct shower in my ensuite.  They had he most amazing selection of much more exciting designs, some of those are on the market today but they seemed so futuristic and space age at the time.  I didn’t get a quotation from them as it was dauntingly smart in there.  But it did inspire me to ring a family friend to ask if her bathroom fitting son in law would care to quote. for the work.