Two Basin Vanity Stations Catching On

Whilst away on my summer holiday travels I found myself watching a particular lifestyle tv show from Canada.  A couple of brothers come in and do up a family home to raise it’s sales value so the family can move on up the chain.  The formula is much the same – the property is unbelievably crowded with furniture and toys;  the decor is sadly mismatched etc. etc.  The brothers do of course bring the place up to very modern and fabulous standard — particularly the washrooms.  I am fascinated why in the US and Canada, they have two wash basins in a cabinet with worktops – it’s called a ‘vanity’ over there.  I do have very modern bathroom and ensuite in my house, having seen a fabulous showroom near my office.  I have loved the transformation every time I use either off them and love showing them off to visitors.   Kitchen and reception rooms next!