Winter Brings Need For Modern Fitted Bathrooms

Funny isn’t it, when the rain comes down continually, day after drizzled day, the need for gorgeous and comfortable bathroom fittings seems more necessary.  Must be a rather peculiar train of thought on my part.  There is though nothing more ghastly than having to go to outside facilities in any weather these days.  No excuse at all.  The old outside lav is almost a thing of the past.  There are a few stalwart meanies out there.  The eccentric old biddy who refuses to spend any money on such frivolous luxury . . . . .   I do know one such old bird in a village near here.  She resolutely refused to be modernised and have the outside loo brought inside a small internal extension to the main building.   Once she departed though, the next owner ha the most wonderful bathroom facilities installed – they chose the claw foot roll top bath.  The swanky all singing, all dancing power shower cubicle with steam.  The lot!